RCM Mid-South Update

By: David Miller, Mid-South Regional Communications Manager

It seems like the whole world has been flipped upside down from this pandemic, but as we know, farmers have to keep farming. It is hard to stay optimistic when market prices are low, input costs are high, and now this unprecedented global virus, but farmers will once again show the world why they are the most essential part of the global economy. After speaking with many producers over the last two weeks, it’s safe to say conditions in the Mid-South are truly across the board from state to state.

History seems to be repeating itself through most of the Mid-South with wet conditions from continuous rains and river seep water. Field after field has been left untouched since the 2019 harvest, leaving growers with little time to prepare the ground and plant corn. With less than ideal planting conditions, farmers are forced to improvise and be creative with their techniques. Building/adapting new implements, dropping pipes and ditching fields are common themes across the area. Planes fill the skies putting out burndown, and watering planting rice with the spray rigs and planters parked in the sheds.

Although most states in the Mid-South have had a wet start to the spring, much of Louisiana has caught a much-needed break. Corn is up, fertilizer is out, and tractors are moving to get ready to plant cotton in the weeks to come. The last few years in Louisiana have been extremely difficult due to heavy rains during planting and harvest, so growers are taking advantage of this great weather.

During this time of uncertainty in the world, agriculture will hold everything together once again. The Cotton Board RCM’s are working hard to be a hand to all producers right now in our territories so please reach out if there is anything we can do to help, promote or teach. I will continue to gather info around the Mid-South and update everyone through these biweekly blogs. We, at The Cotton Board, would like to say thanks to all the farm families for staying strong and keeping this world turning.