Cotton Board Meets in California for Strategic Planning

In early March, The Cotton Board held a planning meeting in Del Mar, California to review Cotton Incorporated proposed plans for 2016 and develop strategic recommendations for the Cotton Research and Promotion Program. 

"It is the charge of The Cotton Board to help give overall direction to the Cotton Research and Promotion Program," said David Grant, Cotton Board Chairman and North Carolina cotton producer.    "Each year we pull together the expertise of those on our board - that includes cotton producers and cotton importers - to make recommendations to Cotton Incorporated and establish their budget for the next year.  The ideas developed in our committees and with Cotton Incorporated are dynamic and strategic.  They help to ensure that the program is well guided, especially when we are facing the challenges of this coming season." 

Each producer and importer board member of The Cotton Board sits on one of four program committees: Consumer Marketing, Global Supply Chain Marketing, Agricultural Research, and Research & Development.  The committees review plans by Cotton Incorporated for the following year and help develop ideas and direction to advance the program. 

Prior to the committee meetings, the board heard from three key note speakers to gather insight pertinent to strategic decisions made in the committees.  J. Berrye Worsham gave a Program overview & strategic outlook.  Jaral Neeper, President and CEO of Calcot, Ltd., gave a 2015 cotton market economic outlook.  And, Marshall Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst of The NPD Group, Inc., gave the board an inside look at trends and direction of the retail market. 

The next full meeting of The Cotton Board will be held in August, when the board will review and decide on the proposed 2016 plan and budget from Cotton Incorporated before forwarding it on to Secretary of Agriculture for final approval.