Blue Jeans on the Job

By: Stacey Gorman, Director of Communications

You’ve heard the saying of putting your money where your mouth is, well The Cotton Board’s new company dress code is putting its jeans where the job is. That’s right, in a move that makes complete sense, The Cotton Board is allowing employees to wear cotton denim jeans to work. The change to incorporate denim into the business casual dress code was announced earlier in the year.

“Letting our employees wear more cotton to work just makes good sense for the industry, for our people and for our business,” says Bill Gillon, President and CEO of The Cotton Board.

Denim is so versatile and can easily be dressed up for work. That versatility is what, after nearly a century-and-a-half of production, makes denim jeans popular even today. 61 percent of consumers say they wear denim jeans/shorts at least three times a week, according to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey. Nearly three-quarters of all consumers say denim is their first pick for casualwear. About half prefer to wear jeans to run errands, to go to school or class, to express themselves, to feel confident, to go out to dinner, and to feel stylish.

In today’s work world, where flex time and working from home is commonplace, blue jeans are actually the preferred work bottom for a third of consumers, according to Monitor™ research. More than half of all consumers say they wear denim jeans at least once a week to work, and 51 percent consider denim to be dressy.

A denim-friendly dress code definitely seems like the right fit for The Cotton Board staff.