Each year, a portion of annual importer assessment collections are earmarked for programs that directly benefit importers of cotton products through the Importer Support Program (ISP).The ISP committee is made up of the importer members and alternates of The Cotton Board who work hard to help develop and oversee these programs that are implemented by Cotton Incorporated. Over the years, the ISP has initiated, funded, and executed myriad programs and projects to benefit the Importer stakeholders of the Program.



Brought to you by The Cotton Board’s ISP and Cotton Incorporated, CottonWorks™ is the go-to textile tool for discovering what’s possible with cotton.

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Cotton Sustainability Summit
The Cotton Board’s ISP has hosted multiple Cotton Sustainability Summit events over the years. These exclusive, invite-only conferences, target decision-makers and sustainability professionals from major fashion brands and retailers. The goal of the Summit is to examine cotton sustainability issues from multiple perspectives (growers, manufacturers, brands, activists, etc.) and to discuss sustainability initiatives that are taking place throughout the cotton value chain.
Importer Farm Tours

Since 2010, the ISP has funded Cotton Incorporated’s annual farm tours for brands and retailers as part of a concentrated effort to educate decision makers in the supply chain about cotton production.


CottonWorks™ hosts textile education workshops on a variety of topics, led by industry veterans and courtesy of Cotton Incorporated. Cotton Incorporated is a not-for-profit organization, and part of our funding comes from importers of cotton. Only individuals who work for companies that import cotton and cotton products are eligible to attend these workshops.

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