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Another Champion of Cotton

January 13th, 2015

By: Bill Gillon, President & CEO of The Cotton Board

We followed the U.S. delegation into a side room at the Geneva headquarters of the World Trade Organization to get lunch and be briefed on the morning session in the U.S. / Brazil WTO case. Joe Glauber, then Deputy Chief Economist at USDA was leading the delegation, along with attorneys and others from the U.S. Trade Representative’s office.  Joe’s consternation with the morning session was evident, and he immediately put everyone to work trying to develop better answers to several questions the Dispute Settlement Panel had asked that morning.  He wanted access to the USDA website to download several spreadsheets, but easy access to the internet was not a reality 10 years ago.  Fortunately, I had one of the second-generation mobile Windows devices, gained access to the WTO web server, downloaded the spreadsheets Joe was after, and gave them to him on a smart disk.  I felt both tech-savy and helpful to Joe and the team defending cotton.   

Joe Glauber, the Chief Economist at USDA, announced his retirement from USDA, effective last month.  I am glad I have the opportunity here to thank Joe for his amazing work for cotton and all of U.S. agriculture. 

The Cotton Board just concluded an ad campaign featuring the Champions of Cotton. We wanted to make sure that cotton producers knew the sort of motivated, committed professionals that work for Cotton Incorporated and work for cotton every day.  We need to add Joe Glauber to our list of champions. 

I have known Joe for quite a while.  He served as Deputy Chief Economist starting in 1992 and then as Chief Economist since 2008.  I probably met Joe before that – during the 1990 farm bill – but our exact first meeting is lost in the deep back pages of agricultural policy we have both tried to influence in our past positions.  Joe is one of those people we want on our team. He is no “yes man,” but he was always “there” man, when the hard work had to be done, through late nights, early mornings, and painfully long, slow meetings.

Joe Glauber provided insightful, unbiased, and solid economic analysis for U.S. agriculture for over 30 years. Just like the professionals at Cotton Incorporated, the level of dedication Joe put into his job merits our highest regards.  I always trusted him implicitly, I always knew his preparation would be excellent, and his insights and persistence were critical to many policy decisions over his career.

Joe is moving on to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and I know we will continue to benefit from his economic insight.  Thank you Joe, for all you have done for agriculture and for all you have done for cotton. We wish you all the best. 


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